This Is How Much You Need To Walk To Lose Weight

The easiest and safest exercise is walking. You can manage to lose weight without even touching the heavy types of equipment at the gym.

You can make this routine very exciting and fun. Invite a friend to join you or change the tracks. Walking will help you lose the unwanted weight without spending a day in the gym or going on a diet.

How to lose weight without going to the gym?

The walking place and body weight play a great role in losing weight, in case you walk at a speed of 4 miles per hour, you can lose 400 calories. Use a pedometer in order to control weight effectively. Wear it around the hip area and record the number of steps you take.

In order to lose weight how many steps you need to walk?

  • 1 mile = 2,000 steps = 100 calories burned;
  • 1 pound = 3,500 calories;
  • Losing 1 pound in 1 week = 500 calories per day;
  • Walking 10,000 steps = losing 1 pound of weight.

This is how your walking style should be

Walk by keeping your eyes 100 feet forward, tighten your abdomen, hold your chin up, and squeeze your glutes. This is how your walking style should look like I you use walking as an exercise. Here the pedometer comes into play.

How often you need to walk?

At the beginning walk 15-20 minutes a day for 3 days a week, and then gradually increase it to 30-60 minutes a day. Before this, visit your doctor in order to consult with him/her whether or not you are fit for this exercise.

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